The congregation at Pearl Harbor began on April 23, 1956 with 15 charter members. A total of 40 persons attended the first meeting, which was held in a Quonset hut chapel on Johnson Circle just mauka (on the mountain-side) of the Kamehameha Highway. F.B. Shepherd, minister to the Honolulu congregation at that time, preached the first sermon.
The congregation grew quickly to more than 125 persons. In August, 1956, just under 3 acres of land was obtained from the U.S. Navy on a 25-year lease at the present site. Classes were initially held in the Nimitz Elementary School building across the street.

Local funds as well as money raised from mainland churches enabled a 250 capacity auditorium to be built in 1957. The congregation has been self-supporting from the start due to non-interest loans from the West End Church in Nashville, TN,and the College Church in Abilene, TX. It has been roughly estimated that some 2,800+ military personnel and relatives have been members at Pearl Harbor at one time or another from 1956 until today. 

We currently enjoy worship assemblies, classes and other activities that include local Christians from around Oahu and U.S. military personnel and their families from all 5 branches stationed on the island. We also welcome numerous visitors and tourists from the world over every week, as well as frequent missionaries passing through. 

Our Outreach efforts have included works ranging from helping local residents in need to supporting Missions in Africa, England, Nepal and Samoa. We also have a special interest in serving Mission works in and around the Pacific Region, due to our strategic location and relative ease of access. 

---Our Team
Steve Byrne, Minister / Elder
John Graham, Elder
James Camp,  Assembly
Milford Williams, Deacon / Local Outreach
Toby Logsdon, Deacon
Ernie Bailey, Deacon/ Missions
Landry Allen, Youth
Susan White, Secretary
---Our Meeting Times & Location
9:00 AM – Bible Classes
10:00 AM – Morning Fellowship
6:00 PM – Evening Fellowship*
6:30 PM – Bible Classes